Next, please.

Preach it, Amy.


I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

When there’s something strange

in your neighborhood

who ya gonna call?


Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s right. Officially confirmed Ghostbusters remake starring an all-female cast, directed by Paul Feig. Negotiations are on-going, but half the world is really excited and the other half is full of whiny babies. Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Melissa McCarthy? Dreamiest dream team. Jumpsuits never looked so good.

Now let’s turn to Twitter, also known as the cesspool of human ignorance, to see the reactions. Let’s start with the good!

And now for those tweets that make you lose faith in humanity:

You get the idea. In b4 the NOT ALL MEN WAHHHHHHHHH.

I dropped the ball.

So I haven’t been posting a lot on fridays. Not because nothing’s been happening. A SHITTON has been happening. Like this:

And this:

And this:

I’ve just been busy! So I apologize to all of you, but seriously, if you don’t know about this stuf you must live under a rock or something.


Ryan Gosling on the MPAA’s decision to give Blue Valentine an NC-17 rating over its inclusion of an oral sex scene.

A) Ryan Gosling is a perfect human specimen and B) this is so incredibly poignant. Derek Cianfrance– the director of Blue Valentine,  who also directed Gosling’s newest movie The Place Beyond The Pines— and The Weinstein Company very publicly accused the MPAA of extreme sexism and they got the rating reversed to R. So hooray Ryan!

This really reminded me of a project called “Hysterical Literature” by art photographer Clayton Cubitt.

Basically, the beautiful ladies above read an excerpt from a book of their choice while under the table where we can’t see someone is pleasuring them with a vibrator. The black and white video continues as they can no longer read and orgasm.

So many of the YouTube comments dismissed this as gross and dirty for what I assume are similar to Ryan’s reasoning above: woman are portrayed has having no interest and deriving no pleasure from sex. We are there to service the men who we are with. I think these videos make people uncomfortable for many reasons: These women are servicing no one. She is focused only on her own body, this is only for her enjoyment. The audience doesn’t get to see what’s happening, only how it makes her feel. It’s not staged for the viewer’s pleasure. It’s actually very dismissive of the mainstream (straight) porn industry and its intended audience (straight men) in that it’s not about the viewer at all (unless the viewer is solely interested in voyeurism and not at all into participation). I find it fascinating.

Anyway, you can see the videos here at Clayton Cubitt’s YouTube page. Kind of NSFW given the subject matter, but you can’t actually see anything. I recommend headphones.