Selfie Olympics = OVER.

bey selfie 2

Who is this dude? You can practically feel the shade coming from Bey.



Oxford English Dictionary International announced the word of the year today: selfie.

selfie noun, informal
(also selfy; plural selfies)

a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website

Selfie can actually be traced back to 2002 when it was used in an Australian online forum.  The word gained momentum throughout the English-speaking world in 2013 as it evolved from a social media buzzword to mainstream shorthand for a self-portrait photograph. Its linguistic productivity is already evident in the creation of numerous related spin-off terms showcasing particular parts of the body like helfie (a picture of one’s hair) and belfie (a picture of one’s posterior); a particular activity – welfie (workout selfie) and drelfie (drunken selfie), and even items of furniture – shelfie and bookshelfie.

The Word of the Year shortlist

  • bedroom tax
  • binge-watch
  • bitcoin
  • olinguito
  • schmeat
  • showrooming
  • twerk

No self-respecting person spells it selfy. Come on.

And now, for some of my fave selfies: