Paolo Fusco – Fiori 24h
Artist’s statement: “Hardly anything is open 24h in Rome: a few bars, a few stores, self service gas stations and flower kiosks, a lot of flower kiosks. You can find them everywhere in the city and they never close. They never close. Their presence has always fascinated me, they seem like sentinels in the quiet roman night, small lighthouses populated by half-asleep immigrant workers. The photos were taken while wondering through the city in search of these islands of light and flowers.”


Rome, Untitled.

“The still Untitled project comes from my personal need to change the world, to show how the city of Rome has changed over the decades and how it’s grown into an incredibly busy and complex metropolis. Each image consists of 3 to 5 photographs taken at different times and representing different architectural periods. Put together, they fall into places, dance with each other in an unexpectedly symbiotic way, co-existing in the mosaic of shapes and colors, symbolizing strength, diversification and synergy of the Rome as we know it today.” –Peter Kowalski

Super moon.

Greek temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.

Rising over Rome.


Judean Desert in the West Bank.

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse.

Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin, Germany.

Washington Monument.

All photos from the LA Times Tumblr.

Supermoon sounds like a Marvel super hero.