Public art in BK.

myrtle broadway

From my Instagram. The Myrtle-Broadway JMZ stop.


700 Delaware

HENSE is an Atlanta-based artist who was commissioned to transform an abandoned church into art installation. The project is called 700 delaware.

“The project in Washington D.C. was a fun one and I worked with a small crew to complete it,” said HENSE. “The area where the church is located in Washington is a part of town that has huge potential to be the next arts district and this project is the first step in bringing some life and color into the area. Taking an existing building like the church and painting the entire thing re-contextualizes it and makes it a sculptural object. We really wanted to turn the church into a three-dimensional piece of artwork. With projects like this one, we really try to use the existing architecture as inspiration for the direction of the painting.”