Billion dollars on an elevator.

I love everything about this. Bey saying “thot.” Bey saying “Onika.” Nicki calling out MJ’s doctor. Nicki starting to feel the flow when she speeds up and spits about “eat-the-cookie-face,” a perfect hat tip to Jay’s “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” line from “Drunk in Love.” Bey FINALLY addressing the elevator incident. Two strong talented black women declaring that they’re royalty and no one can disagree. Today is a great day.

Azealia, get over yourself.


“Embrace your past…”


“… but live for now.” Some wise words from Queen Bey.

So yesterday’s #BeyHereNow announcement that I was so anxiously anticipating was apparently a new Pepsi ad, titled “Mirrors,” which is a little Justin Timberlake-esque. So at first I was like, an ad? That’s it? BUT! Bey not let us down like that, and so the ad also features a new song. I like it, it sounds pretty fun and dance-y, with a good beat.

The ad features the many different iterations we have seen of Beyonce over the years: there is a Destiny’s Child Bey in her “Bootylicious” get-up, a “Crazy In Love” version, in the jean shorts and white tank top, Sasha Fierce from “Single Ladies” wearing the leotard, crazy makeup, and bionic hand, and then a modern day Beyonce in leather short shorts and a mesh cropped top.

She looks like she’s having a lot of fun, giving a sassy eye roll to Sasha Fierce as if to say “Honey I made you and I will beat you in this dance off we’re having” and a little smirk at the end.

So when do we hear the full single? When do we see the video? When do we hear the album? These are the questions I need answered. Struggle.

Bow Down / I Been On

The Queen is back.

Not that she ever really left, because she’s been everywhere lately (the Inauguration, the Super Bowl, DC’s comeback song) but this is the first new solo song we’ve heard from her in almost two years. No one is really quite sure if this is one song or two, or even if this track will be on her upcoming album. The “Bow Down” section was produced by Hit-Boy, who also produced “Paris” for Jay and Kanye. It’s rumored that “I Been On” was produced by Timbaland.

I LOVE that she threw this up on her Tumblr with no comment, no nothing. She so rarely uses her Twitter of her official website but her Tumblr as well as her Instagram have been seeing a lot of love lately.

I really like the “Bow Down” part. She’s pushing herself musically and it’s different and sassy and who cares is she curses the woman is 31 years old. She acknowledges the blow back she got from calling her tour “The Mrs. Carter Tour” by saying “I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife / Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted, this my shit, bow down bitches.” She also goes back and forth between “bitches” and “bishes” which is cracking me up.

“I Been On” is somewhat difficult to listen to. I don’t see it playing on the radio, I don’t see myself adding it to my Bey playlist that I listen to almost daily. I like that she raps but I wish she didn’t alter her voice. It would have been interesting to hear her flow. But it is definitely different, both for her and for pop music in general, and I like that she’s changing the game.

Listen below: