Billion dollars on an elevator.

I love everything about this. Bey saying “thot.” Bey saying “Onika.” Nicki calling out MJ’s doctor. Nicki starting to feel the flow when she speeds up and spits about “eat-the-cookie-face,” a perfect hat tip to Jay’s “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” line from “Drunk in Love.” Bey FINALLY addressing the elevator incident. Two strong talented black women declaring that they’re royalty and no one can disagree. Today is a great day.

Azealia, get over yourself.


Bey and Jay at Metlife.


From my Instagram.

Guys I was there. It was amazing.

Our seats were as far away as possible but I still danced the whole time. Bey didn’t sing as much, but danced a TON and Jay sang a few things off his new album, but really played the crowd favorites, which was nice.


  • Bey singing the Justin Timberlake part of “Holy Grail”
  • Bey singing the Mr Hudson part on “Forever Young” which then turned into into “Halo” and then back into “Forever Young”
  • “Love on Top” because it’s my fave.
  • Jay ignoring the supposed beef with Kanye and doing his own verse of “Paris” and part of Ye’s verse as well
  • Video from the Carter wedding, video of Baby Blue, video of old school Bey and Jay
  • “99 Problems”
  • Flawless
  • “Drunk in Love”

Biggest teases:

  • The intro to “Lucifer” that became “No Church in the Wild”
  • “Countdown” playing during one of the MANY video montages

The worst thing ever:

  • Getting out of MetLife Stadium on NJTransit with 30,000 other people