Currently on vacation in Nicaragua! Totally loving it so far. We’re staying at this AMAZING house called Casa Caracol in San Juan del Sur. Plans for this week: sit on the beach, surf, drink beers, drink rum, hang out.

The view from our porch! So beautiful. Check out my Instagram for what I am sure will be more photos of this magical land.


New Album.

“top illest experience by far – being in a personal setting with Jay in the studio creating. Travis made (2) hits from scratch with him for Magna Carta. Beyonce came through last night played her album for us. Travis will be working on her album too. Just great vibes these past two days in the stu! And a strong overall week. We taking things up a few notches. #newrules”


From Instagram.

Play with your food.

Malaysian artist Hong Yi likes to play with her food. She creates these delightful illustrations following two rules: they must be made entirely out of food, and the backdrop must be a white plate. These are so creative and adorable, I love them. I think the dragon fruit is my favorite. She posts a bunch of her stuff on her Instagram, so you should check it out.