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Family Photos.

These photos are THE BEST. The following is a mini-interview they did with GQ for this spread.

Danny McBride: One of my friends sent me some [casting-call] link that said, “Looking for Maya Rudolph and Danny McBride look-alikes as children,” and they were like, “What the fuck is this?” It said something about fuzz on their faces being a plus.

Maya Rudolph: With the child quotient, we were thinking we’d have to be on our best behavior. But then one of our daughters—cherubic face, 11 years old—started singing along to the filthiest, dirtiest southern rap.

Danny McBride: We asked one of the girls in the Christmas picture if she still believed in Santa Claus.

Maya Rudolph: Everyone’s facing the camera, and she just whips around and is like: “Do you still believe in God?” Didn’t miss a beat.