Billion dollars on an elevator.

I love everything about this. Bey saying “thot.” Bey saying “Onika.” Nicki calling out MJ’s doctor. Nicki starting to feel the flow when she speeds up and spits about “eat-the-cookie-face,” a perfect hat tip to Jay’s “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” line from “Drunk in Love.” Bey FINALLY addressing the elevator incident. Two strong talented black women declaring that they’re royalty and no one can disagree. Today is a great day.

Azealia, get over yourself.


My sister taught me I should speak my mind.

I’m legit obsessed. When Bow Down first leaked, everyone was freaking out that she was calling other women bitches, and then she turned this into her biggest feminist anthem yet. I can’t even. The Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie sample in the middle is so perfect. Tagging this #BeyonceMonday and #FeministFriday because I do what I want.