National Dog Day!

Is today. How exciting. Here is an AMAZING and clearly talented puppy I saw last week in Williamsburg.

dog on scooter

From my Instagram. Tagging this as Cute Animal Wednesday even though it’s Tuesday.


Santos the Ocelittle.

Baby ocelot = ocelittle With his bestie Blakely. Santos lives at the Cincinnati Zoo and was born November 2. Here’s the smush face about two weeks after he was born.

EDIT: my dedicated fan base (aka my sister) alerted me to the corrupted images in this post, so I fixed it. Sorry for depriving you all of this magic!

Advertising wins again.

Let’s get a couple of things straight: Budweiser is gross, traditional beer marketing is gross and sexist, and hot guys with horses and puppies always win.

Let’s not forget last year’s Super Bowl commercial triumph. Budweiser horses with Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide?” Genius. Their entire advertising team deserves a raise.