Fierceness personified.

Boys. Heels. Hot dance moves. Paris. The Spice Girls. I love everything about this. I’ve watched this video roughly 14 times.



Grainin’ on that wood.

I’m tagging this Beyonce Monday because I don’t care and I was lazy yesterday aka I actually had a lot of work to do. But these two rocked it at the Grammy’s!

Solo baby.

Bey and Solange threw a masquerade-themed birthday party in NOLA for Mama Tina and as usual, they all looked flawless. But Solange really killed it on the dance floor. I want to party with her, barefoot, swinging that hair around, and generally being the best.

Mad Men With Things Drawn On Them

Fave Tumblr of the day.

And the best one of all:

(although “Peggy don’t got time for your shit, Don” comes in at a close second)