Here are two things I don’t like: football and shitty beer. In fact, they are pretty high up there on the list of things I really and truly dislike. But wrap them up in puppies and pretty horses and a fantastic cover of a late-80s hit? I’m totally into it.

So cute. I die.

Last year’s puppy love fest was voted¬†“Best Commercial” by viewers during the game on Hulu (and won a bunch of other awards too).¬†AND LET’S NOT FORGET 2 years ago when they made everyone cry with a clydesdale baby and Fleetwood Mac. This trilogy of pure sentiment was created by ad agency Anomaly.


National Dog Day!

Is today. How exciting. Here is an AMAZING and clearly talented puppy I saw last week in Williamsburg.

dog on scooter

From my Instagram. Tagging this as Cute Animal Wednesday even though it’s Tuesday.