Sugar Babies.

Beyoncé, Jay and Blue spotted at the Kara Walker exhibit at the Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn (June 15).


Not now, not ever.

Blue and Jay have the best “bitch no” face. Suri knows what I’m walking about.

Bey and Blue get serious at brunch.

So this post is going to serve two purposes. One, to announce that Mondays on this blog are now officially Beyonce Mondays. I have tons of Beyonce GIFs, clips, photos and fun facts to share with you all, and instead of having them all over the place, I’m trying to be more organized. I will be including the tag Beyonce Monday on all future posts of this nature, so they will be easy to find!

And now this brings me to the second purpose of this post: actually delivering on Beyonce Monday. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I met up with friends at Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn for brunch. They have a fantastic brunch and some of the best Eggs Florentine ever because they are served on homemade biscuits. Seriously, go there next weekend (FYI, you need a reservation or a lot of patience). Anyway, one weekend in February I’m there, eating my eggs, when who walks in? Usher.

A really blurry picture of a really happy Usher. Courtesy of my friend Shannon.

He was there with some other people and a body guard. He also ordered the Eggs Florentine. Smart man.

This was a fun celebrity sighting. My friends who were visiting from out of town had a great time. All in all, it turned a good brunch into a great brunch.

Then, I read this last night. Beyonce and Blue Ivy had brunch this weekend at Buttermilk Channel.

Major props to those people who managed to take a seemingly harmless selfie while capturing the Queen at her back table. Blue Ivy is HUGE. She’s like a real toddler now instead of a baby. She looks pretty cute rocking her itty bitty Timbs.

So now I am upset because I was not at Buttermilk Channel yesterday and instead eating doughnuts from Dough in my apartment. The doughnuts were fantastic, but nothing compared to the potential Bey sighting. Oh well. I have faith that one day, I will see her in the flesh. Until then, I will have to get by with this:

For the record, forget what that Global Grind article says, Buttermilk Channel is not a diner.