Sassiest wildling ever.

Love her. Illustration by Pedrita Parker.


Si se puede.

bey rosie the riveterrosie

Two peas in a feminist pod over here. Find Bey’s photo here on her Instagram. Mine is from the lovely and talented Meg Wethersfield Photography.

The Beautiful Game.

“On May 10, Brazilian artist Paulo Ito posted this mural on the doors of a schoolhouse in São Paulo’s Pompeia district. Less than a week later, it has become an international sensation, drawing huge attention on Facebook. It has also taken off in Brazil—a post on the popular Facebook page TV Revolta has been shared and liked more than 40,000 times.”



You gotcha hair done and your nails done too.

I have been having a lot of fun painting my nails lately, but these are next level. I NEED THEM.

My fave is the “Why Don’t You Love Me” look with Bey on the phone, mascara running down her face, and a martini.

Made by Sara M. Lyons for Emerging Thoughts. Buy them here!