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I live in Brooklyn with my cat. I work an office job that I don’t really like. I ride my bike everywhere. I do yoga. I drink beers. I have a deep love of internet memes. I love to travel. I need to practice my Spanish more. Sometimes I think I drink too much coffee. Sometimes I think I don’t drink enough coffee. I’m a journalism nerd. I’m obsessed with Beyonce. I’m pretty snarky. 


4 thoughts on “Check me out

  1. Hey, saw your post in one million vaginas on Facebook and love your recent posts. I couldn’t find your Facebook page…I searched bereil. Would love to see when you post! Thanks!

  2. Hey 🙂 I found you browsing the Feminist Friday tag, which is pretty depressing because it only has 19 posts, and eight of them are by you, and seven more are by either me, my sister, or a blogger I just met by talking about Feminist Friday. We have several interests in common. I drink beer and I have a similar relationship to coffee. I am not a journalism nerd, but I am a word geek and writing is my thing. I live in the opposite of Brooklyn, and don’t have a cat (allergic), and I love my job. I don’t know yoga, but I do know meditation. I love internet memes so much I scavenge memes on FB and save them on my fan pages so I can use them later on the blogs, and I wish I could travel more. I don’t really get Beyonce, but I think it is a generational thing. I see her appeal, and I appreciate her artistry. Also, snark is good. 🙂

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