Bey and Jay at Metlife.


From my Instagram.

Guys I was there. It was amazing.

Our seats were as far away as possible but I still danced the whole time. Bey didn’t sing as much, but danced a TON and Jay sang a few things off his new album, but really played the crowd favorites, which was nice.


  • Bey singing the Justin Timberlake part of “Holy Grail”
  • Bey singing the Mr Hudson part on “Forever Young” which then turned into into “Halo” and then back into “Forever Young”
  • “Love on Top” because it’s my fave.
  • Jay ignoring the supposed beef with Kanye and doing his own verse of “Paris” and part of Ye’s verse as well
  • Video from the Carter wedding, video of Baby Blue, video of old school Bey and Jay
  • “99 Problems”
  • Flawless
  • “Drunk in Love”

Biggest teases:

  • The intro to “Lucifer” that became “No Church in the Wild”
  • “Countdown” playing during one of the MANY video montages

The worst thing ever:

  • Getting out of MetLife Stadium on NJTransit with 30,000 other people

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