I’ve always loved looking at foreign bills because they were so much more interesting than American money. My mom is a flight attendant, so growing up she had a big plastic bag filled with the the odd coin and leftover bills from her trips and it was so much fun to look through.

Now, the U.S. is starting to catch up. Above is our brand new $100 bill. I don’t get to see too many $100 bills because I’m broke and will be for the foreseeable future, and also who ever needs that much cash on them, but these look pretty cool. To fight counterfeiters, the bill has two new features: a 3-D-ish blue ribbon woven into the paper that shows 100s moving side-to-side or up-and-down when you tilt it; and a camouflaged bell that turns green when the bill is tilted (you can see the bell in that weird copper inkwell thing above).

Even with this flashy new hundo, the States don’t have shit on Kazakhstan (this will probably be the first and last time I say that, but who knows). Let’s start with the Kazakhstan 5,000 Tenge which is about $32. It won the 2012 International Bank Note Society’s Note of the Year, which is apparently a thing.

Here is the 10,000 Tenge note, which was the bank note of the year in 2011 by IBNS. 

AND HERE is the 2013 nomination for this weird prize:

Check out those antelopes! So majestic.

So all in all, get your shit together America and make some sweet bills like these. Get rid of those dead white dudes and get a drawings of Yosemite, and the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge on these. Lets have a T-Rex fighting a flock of eagles. Because why not? It’s only money.


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