4 thoughts on “Rape Culture at its finest. And by finest, I mean most terrifying.

  1. Ugh! Society’s taboo on rape and rape culture eg… “she was asking for it” type attitudes has made this happen. Makes me rage!

  2. Loaded questions get loaded results.

    An example:
    Yes or No, have you stopped beating your wife yet?

    Since you ask this question on a scan tron bubble form any write in’s are discarded and your results say 100% of men have abused or are currently abusing their wives.

      • So not blindly accepting everything I read about “rape culture” means that I’m a rape-apologist. The people that stand to gain from pushing the “rape culture” message would never even consider publishing bullshit to support their agendas. If you disagree with them you have to be supporting rapists, not disagreeing with bad science.

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