I Draw Tom Hanks.

Fave new Tumblr.

Big Tim Hank. $9000.

Tim Hank in “if you can, then catch me” famous film by Leonardi Crapio. 9000$

Splash the mermaid movie, by Tim Hank. $9000

So then someone sends him a question: “I really enjoy your work, but I’m not sure I can afford it. Is there any wiggle room on the prices?”

And the dude responds: “Excellent question. Each piece is priced individually and very specifically based on the following criteria:

  1. likeliness to Mr Hank
  2. overall quality (ranges from “tattered” to “mint condition”)
  3. current market trends
  4. supply and demand
  5. I owe some very scary people nine thousand dollars.

In short, there is no wiggle room on the prices. Which piece would you like to purchase? I accept paypal and money order but cash is preferred.”


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