Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus

“It is reductive and racist to present one subset of black culture as indicative as the whole,especially when there is a purposeful choice to choose the specific subset of culture that plays into existing white supremacist narratives about the stereotype of what it means to be black. Notice for instance, that Miley did not say “I want a black sound” and then head for the Duke Ellington or Louis Armstrong, or remake herself in the image of Janelle Monae and dabble in Afrofuturism. Nope. Instead she headed straight for the “urban” music, because that is, apparently, the entirety of black culture, and it represents all black people everywhere, regardless of individual experience.”

From an article on Jezebel (of all places!) by NINJACATE. You should read the whole thing because it perfectly expresses how white women devalue black women’s sexuality and cultural identity. As I say, your feminism is intersectional or it is bullshit.


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