Disappearing packages.

Aaron Mickelson is a student at Pratt, which is essentially right down the street from me. He did this amaze-balls project (yeah, I just said amazeballs, #dealwithit) for his thesis that is based on the idea that if companies created disappearing packaging for popular products, America could cut down on the 140 billion pounds of wasted packaging generated every year.

Nivea’s Milk Bar wastes 7 grams of paper per package. This results in 3,950 pounds of waste per shipping truck.

Water-soluble boxes! Hooray.

Glad Bags’ packaging creates 49 grams of paper waste. That is 3,334 pounds of waste per truck.

Get rid of the paper box. Roll up all the garbage bags, and print all product info on the roll itself.

Tide Pods’ packaging results in 16 grams of waste. That equals 1,450 pounds per truck.

Tear off pod pockets and have the packaging dissolve in the washing machine.

OXO’s packaging wastes 9 grams of paper. That’s 500 pounds of waste per truck.

Soap-soluble product information printed directly on the container.

Twinings generates 15 grams of paper and 2 grams of plastic waste. That is 2,646 pounds per truck.

Tear-and-use tea bags.

Aren’t these all fantastic ideas? Let’s use all of them RIGHT NOW PLEASE.


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