Ladies in the HOUSE.

and the Senate.

So the 113th Congress has a record-setting number of women, which is awesome. Artist Emily Nemens was inspired by these amazing women and created “Women of the 113th,” which consists of watercolors of all of these congresswomen. She has posted  a bunch of images to her Tumblr.

She had originally created a similar project with the 112th Congress, but she updated it for this current set of women.

“I like playing with traditionally feminine imagery, working small but sequentially, until the icon loses its initial meaning, or turns into a monster-wave version of the original idea.” As she writes on her Tumblr from the 112th: “These politicians are necessarily one part peacock, one part Fabergé. It reminds us that there is still a different set of expectations for women in power than the navy suits and red ties of their male counterparts.”

She has created a bunch of infographs using these images which tell the different stories of these women. There’s the map (above) of the U.S. showing which states are represented by women. There’s a diagram showing the age of the women compared to the number of years served. For Mother’s Day, Nemens created a pictograph sorting the women by number of children they have (Gloria Negrete-McLeod from California has ten kids, you go Gloria).

I love these! Check out Nemens’ other work too, her watercolors are fantastic.


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