Oooooh! I just love living in Brooklyn!

Eloise has arrived in Brooklyn.

She lives in the Wythe hotel with her art school-educated nanny and her hypoallergenic fish Mungbean.

My sister and I were (and still a bit are) obsessed with Eloise. It was one of our favorite bedtime books, and I had dreams of living in the Plaza with Nanny and Weenie and Skipperdee. We read about her in Paris and Moscow and about her in the bathtub. And now, I can imagine her in BK. Sometimes, I think I learned how to be sassy from Eloise.

Eloise was written by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight, but these interpretations are from Joana Avillez for New York magazine. Click on the above image to open in a new tab and be able to make it bigger.


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