New Feature!

So now that I have officially established Beyonce Mondays, I would like to announce yet ANOTHER regular segment here, called Feminist Fridays. I know, I know, the big bad F-word. Feminists get such a bad rap, but really, if you believe in equal rights for all humans, then you are a feminist. We are not a group of unwashed, unshaven, angry women who want to turn men into useless crying babies. We are housewives and construction workers, teachers and CEOs, mothers and sisters, who believe in equal rights. Some of us are lesbians, some of us are not. Some of us are men! yes, you can be a man and be a feminist! Look at Sir Patrick Stewart:

If Professor X and Captain Picard are feminists, why aren’t you?

But Sir Patrick isn’t our feminist of the day. In light of the Supreme Court cases that are being tried this week, here is Justice Ginsberg doing her thing with Diane Sawyer:


Damn right, Ruth. Nine men for such a long time. There was a really interesting New Yorker profile of Justice Ginsberg in the March 11 issue. Check it out! And keep an eye out on Fridays for more fun things. All posts will be tagged with Feminist Friday so they will be pretty easy to find!


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