Penny and the Pig

So I have a cat. She’s crazy. She’s not very smart. But she is very cute, so she’s got that going for her. Her name is Penelope. Sometimes we call her Penny. Sometimes we call her Cat. Sometimes we call her Tiny, because she is pretty small. She doesn’t answer to any of these names.

A rare moment of calm.

A rare moment of calm.

But I have a dream. I want to get a tea cup pig and then write a series of children’s books about Penny and the Pig. I think they would fight crime? Solve mysteries? Not sure. It would also teach kids about being friends with people who look different than you. It would be magical.

Look at what pigs can do! They are amazing. They can run and jump and roll around.

Imagine it without the dog. Okay now no one can steal my idea. It’s mine.


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