A Lesson in Photoshop

Some retouched images:

I think they removed part (or all) of Penelope’s rib cage:

Katy Perry’s thigh gets creepily small:

Eva Longoria goes from tiny to tinier:

Faith Hill on the cover of Redbook. Look at her arms! This was the winner of a Jezebel contest for “Best” (Worst?) photoshop job. Read about it here.

More JLaw because I love her:

And Rihanna gets whitewashed for Esquire:

These are all incredibly beautiful women without the retouching! It drives me crazy to see how far some publications go. There is such a small range of allowable features to have: dark-skinned women are made lighter, light- skinned women are made darker, women with large breasts are sized down, while the opposite is sized up. Why do we all want to look alike? Strange world we live in.


EDIT: Not even Handsome George (as my mom calls him) is immune to this:


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