Musical Tribute at the Oscars

Not everyone was into this, but my deep nerd love of musicals made this a win for me. Catherine Zeta-Jones singing “All That Jazz” from Chicago took a bit to get into the groove, but by the end I thought she sounded great. Not a huge fan of her costume, but whatever. Jennifer Hudson,belting out “And I am Telling you” from Dreamgirls, sounded and looked flawless, as always. She is so talented I can barely stand it.
Les Mis is one of my favorite musicals. My sister took me to see it for my birthday one year on Broadway and I still listen to the soundtrack about once a week (#littleknownfact). I probably shouldn’t have admitted that. I cried for 85% of the movie. While I am not a fan of “Suddenly” I understand that it was nominated, so you have to perform it. I thought the medley was beautiful. Hugh Jackman was perfect, Anne Hathaway did her thing which is good but she goes between endearing and irritating (in life, not just in this performance). Russel Crowe still can’t sing but he tries so hard! And I still have the biggest schoolgirl crushes on Eddie Redmayne and Aaron Tveit. It’s the cuteness mixed with strong convictions– gets me every time.

I couldn’t find a good video link to embed, but here’s a link to the full performance. Forgive me for the awkward commercials.

Tribute To The Musicals – C Zeta Jones, Jennifer Hudson & The Cast Of Les Mis – Oscars 2013 – Video Dailymotion.

Just a hint to Helena Bonham-Carter and Sacha Baron-Cohen: try not to look so bored next time you perform at the Oscars.


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