Cleveland is for lovers

So for the end of 30 Rock (pour one out for Lemon), Tina Fey did a bunch of behind the scenes videos. This one is a tour of Liz Lemon’s office. In it she mentions that she used to have a photo of Liz and Floyd in Cleveland but she sent it to Mindy Kaling “as a gesture of good luck with The Mindy Project.” Which is awesome because I want them to be besties (and Amy Poehler, obv). Mindy instagrammed the photo when she got it:

and said: “This is the picture of Liz and Floyd that Tina talked about! I love it. Going to put it in Shulman & Associates!” So now I have to look for it on the next episode.

Speaking of, Mindy Lahiri doesn’t know Tina, but that doesn’t change the image in my head of Tina, Mindy, and Amy eating brunch together. And Kristen Wiig.


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