Life After Sandy

So as everyone in the entire world is aware, New York got rocked pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy. I was extremely lucky in that my heat/power/internet stayed on through the storm, but others were not so lucky. My boyfriend Nick and I spent a week at home cooped up with the cat, in varying stages of working/not working from home. Mostly, he was working and I was not. My office is on 21st and 5th, which was without power for a week or so. Since that is also where our servers are located, it took some time for them to be relocated so we could all get back on the network. Nick would have been back at his office earlier (he works in North Jersey), but between the gas shortage and HOV bridges, he was stuck with me.

I spent some time volunteering with Occupy Sandy during my time off, which was fantastic. They were extremely organized and friendly. I made about a billion peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then drove to Red Hook to drop off supplies such as toiletries, clothing, non-perishable, ready-to-eat foods, and cleaning supplies. The next day, I ended up going to Staten Island to act as a Spanish/English translator and help people find what supplies they needed. Then we went over to Midland Beach for some cleanup. I have a ton of memories from Staten Island, and even though I don’t consider it my “hometown” (I moved when I was six), it was devastating to see it in this state.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to donate time/supplies/money if you have it to one of the countless organizations helping out. After Sandy, we had thousands without power suffer through a snow storm. It’s been a hard time for so many people.

You can sign up to volunteer or donate at the Brooklyn Community Fund, with all aid going to Brooklyn communities such as Red Hook, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Gerritsen Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Sheepshead Bay. There is also a link on the Occupy Sandy site to donate money directly to help  New York or New Jersey.

The most beautiful part of this entire mess is seeing New Yorkers come together and help each other out. I know it sounds sappy, but it was amazing. Keep it up.


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