Considering I can barely spell the word, entrepreneurship is not something I had ever considered might be a part of my future. But in class, we’ve talked quite a bit about entrepreneurship and what it could do for my future in journalism.

Today, Dan Gregory from the School of Technological Entrepreneurship, came to talk to out class about this. He teaches graduate students in a year-long program where they don’t have lectures in text books. Instead, they launch businesses. He is also a the faculty adviser for IDEA, the Inter-Disciplinary Entrepreneurship Accelerator.

He started off talking about disruptive technologies. In the field of journalism, these could be anything from the internet to smart phones, both of which changed the way people consume news. Disruptive technologies can put older people out of work, like people who work at the post office who are being replaced by email. Gregory also mentioned that these technologies can be scary for people like me, who are paying thousands of dollars to study a field that is drastically changing.

But in the midst of all of this disruption, there is something that stands out: talent.

“What underlies all of that technology and floats the boat is the talent,” said Gregory. It’s the people that causes those technologies to be successful.”

We made a list of skills that the people in my class have from the j-lism classes. Things like clear, concise writing, knowledge of new media, and good interviewing skills were all on the list.

“The skill set that’s in this room today is incredibly important,” he said.

He gave an example of a project that he is currently working on, called Nick Nack Publishing. This is an internet based self-publishing model, and they are currently in the beginning phases. They are looking for people over 50 who have a story to tell, and this model will help them do it. He said that eventually, they will be looking for journalists to act as editors, graphic designers, and public relations specialists to sell this idea.

I never saw entrepreneurship as a possibility for me, but now I’m starting to feel differently.

“Be flexible to find a role that fits your skill set, your career is long ahead of you,” he said. “Having an entrepreneurial experience will make you feel really positive about your skill set, even if its not your dream journalism job”


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