Biking around Northeastern?

For those of you in the Northeastern community who prefer to tool around on two wheels, you probably know about Back Bay Bicycles. But if you’re new to the area, the biking community, or somehow haven’t found it yet, then listen up.

All of us have gotten a flat tire at one point. And it’s terrible. You’re either out for a ride or about to go out when all of a sudden, you’re immobile. And to go get a new tube/tire, you need to be mobile. And once you’ve been biking, there’s no going back the the wretched T. So what are you going to do?

Back Bay Bicycles on Mass Ave and Commonwealth.

Luckily for us Huskies, Back Bay Bikes in within walking distance. The folks inside are really nice and so knowledgeable. I don’t know that much about bikes, and I feel totally comfortable going in there and asking for help. It’s also clear that they deal with a lot of students because they are pretty cool about helping you save some cash. If you’re looking for some new pedals but only want to spend X amount of dollars, they can find something within your budget and be really nice about it.

Back Bay Bicycles has everything from helmets, lights, bicycles, apparel, and more.

They have everything from $8000 beauties to used bikes, and will even help you sell your old Peugeot if you’re looking to get rid of it.

Back Bay isn’t the cheapest bike shop in the city, or even necessarily my favorite, but the laid back vibe and great service, plus its location, makes it one of my first stops when I need a quick fix.

Back Bay Bicycles is open Monday through Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 12-5 and can be reached at 617-247-2336. They are located at 362 Mass Ave, at the corner of Commonwealth Ave and Massachusetts Ave, on the inbound side of Commonwealth. The shop is not handicap accessible.

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