Even though I’m not graduating, I am already freaking out about getting a real job. So I’ve been scoping the web and checking out what my post-grad opportunities might be (spoiler alert: they’re not great).

My favorite website for this is MediaBistro. They have a ton of jobs on there and the search options are great- you can search by region, type of job, salary, etc. And they actually have jobs posted! Which is a nice feeling.

But they don’t only have jobs on there. The site is designed for all types of “media professionals,”, including book and magazine writers and editors, graphic designers, TV producers, and anyone else who’s involved with the media industry. Their “mission”  is to give these professionals the chance to network, find job opportunities, and discover new resources.

MediaBistro gathers useful digital media tips from all sorts of places on the web and posts them. They also have a really great Twitter feed. This was how I originally got into MediaBistro. They post jobs, upcoming panels, interesting articles, and other cool stuff.

Twitter also has this feature called “lists” where you can organize the poeple you follow into different groups. For instance, I have a list called “news” where I have all my news outlets, journalists, etc. that I follow. MediaBistro has really utilized the list feature, which a lot of people don’t use to it’s full potential (myself included). I used their SXSW list when I wanted to know what was going on in Austin. I also checked out their lists when I was doing my Twitter project for class where we had to find new people to follow.

MediaBistro also has a ton of freelancing opportunities on their site. The problem with this is that they charge a fee (49 for an AvantGuild membership). I haven’t done much freelancing and I’m not really looking to start now, so I haven’t coughed up the cash. But from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty awesome. They supposedly have really great tips, allow you to find people looking for freelancers, and help employers find you, which is always nice.

I am not a huge fan of the layout of their site. It is pretty easy to navigate, but the home page is so busy and cluttered I find it overwhelming at times. I think it’s easy for a lot of their material to get buried underneath all the stuff.

If any of these things seem even remotely interesting to you, you should definitely check out their site.


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