Who to follow on Twitter?

So we have an assignment for class where we have to follow ten people for a day on Twitter (or they can be people we already follow) and kind of analyze how they use Twitter. For example, if someone chose to follow me on Twitter they would discover that I “re-tweet” (that is, to post what someone else has already posted) a lot, usually relating to interesting articles or funny things I find. I also like to tweet about food. Oh man, I just realized that I am that person who tweets what they eat for dinner. This. must. stop. (P.S.- I just ate homemade burritos for dinner.)

Anyway, on to my analysis. I decided to focus on journalism/media type account.

@huffpo: One of the many Twitter accounts updated by the The Huffington Post. According to them, it is for opinion and breaking news. I have come close to unfollowing them many times because they tweet so much! They use their Twitter in place of an RSS feed, which is not what it is meant to be.

@MotherJones: Clearly, this is the official Twitter for Mother Jones magazine. Let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE this magazine, so I love their Twitter. Their tweets also brought me to their website. I don’t know why, but I never really checked it out before. They don’t post every single article they have on their website, usually just the top headlines.

@MediaBistro: This is the such a great account to follow if you are looking to get into the journalism/publishing/PR/graphic design/etc. business. They post so many jobs openings it makes it look like we are a thriving industry. They post about interesting projects people are working on, upcoming conferences, things like that. Their website is really easy to navigate and has a ton of stuff on it. Right now, for example, they have a ton of SXSW coverage.

@10000words: This is a new one for me. I found this account via @MediaBistro’s lists. This is an account run by Mark S. Luckie (who also runs a website by the same name). 10,000 words is all about digital media and teaching people how to use the tools that are necessary to create. Even though it’s expected from someone who is an expert on digital media, I jsut want to say that his website is kind of beautiful. He also wrote a book titled “The Digital Journalist’s Handbook.” He really gets into a conversation with people on Twitter, always responding when people ask him questions and such, which it fun and useful.

@yelvington: This is another new account that I’m following. Steve Yelvington is a journalist and a strategist for a media company. He tweets about all sorts of things having to do with the media: tips for newcomers like me, interesting stories, photos, you name it. He also really gets into it with the community: he always has some sort of dialogue going on Twitter.

@Boston_Police: I know, this may not seem like a really exciting thing, but the BPD Twitter is actually pretty useful. You can send in tips about accidents, any crimes you might have witnessed, whatever, and they respond! They also tweet about different accidents. Today (March 16) alone, they tweeted about a kid who fell off a roof, a kid who got hit by a car, and a woman who jumped out of a building and is in the hospital. I know, maybe you don’t want to know all this stuff, but this is also how I first found out about all the stabbings back in September near Jackson Sq. (right by my house) and about the murder of the Tedeschi’s clerk in JP in December. That’s important stuff.

@BostonTweet: For a great blog post by my friend Rachel on Boston Tweet, read here. But in a nutshell, BostonTweet is this guy who tweets all day long about stuff going on in Boston. It could be about traffic delays on Storrow Drive, who’s playing the House of Blues tonight, or where to get free burritos this week. He also posts a ton of pictures from all over the city. What I really like about it is that you can tweet at him to let him know and then he retweets it to his followers. It’s very community oriented.

@NewsTrust: NewsTrust is this really great organization that “provides quality news feeds and review tools to help people make more informed decisions as citizens,” according to their website. In essence, they post quality journalism that has been reviewed by their users. Their Twitter posts some links to their site but also grabs other pieces that aren’t on their site from all over the web: blogs, independent sites, etc. and posts about them.

@mediatwit: Mark Glaser is the executive editor of PBS MediaShift and Idea Lab and he posts really fascinating articles about the journalism industry and its future, which is of interest to those who hope to be a part of it. He’s really smart and I find him to be pretty involved with the Twitter community.

@FakeAPStylebook: This is just a fun account to follow for j-lism nerds. Pretty much, they tweet “AP Style rules” that aren’t rules at all and are hilarious. An example from last week: “It’s spelled “ketchup,” as stated in its first description from 1711. “Catsup” is slang used by the perverts that put it on eggs.” For another laugh, check out @fakerahmemanuel (NSFW: language).

So that’s it! Let me know if you guys decide to follow any of my suggestions and what you think.


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