Titles are everything and nothing.

So I call this blog “Red Sunglasses.” This is mainly because I have a pair of red sunglasses and I am fond of them. They’ve seen me through some pretty sunny times in my life.

Me in my shades at a zoo in Cuba. Photo taken by my friend Meg.

So clearly, they are red Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Wayfarers are kind of a classic design, having been in production since 1952. They’re super cool, if you ask me. I mean, The Blues Brothers and Tom Cruise in Risky Business are pretty good company.

Anyway, this got me thinking. I mean, Ray-Bans are pretty popular. Even my Dad has a pair, for crying out loud. But if someone asked me what other styles they make, I’d be hard pressed to come up with anything. Luckily, my lovely sister pointed me to her friend Jillian’s blog, Trendology, specifically her post on Ray-Bans (well, specifically her post on the Spring 2010 Ray-Ban collection). Let me say, these are beautiful. Le sigh.


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