Happy Bey Day y’alllllll.

On this day in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, our lord and savior Queen Beyonce Giselle Knowles graced the earth with her presence. This world has never been the same.

To celebrate, I ate cake for breakfast (true story) while watching my two fave Bey performances: Love on Top from the 2011 MTV VMAs (where she announced her pregnancy!) and Run the World from the 2011 Billboard Awards.

Now we should all round out the afternoon by experiencing the beauty that is this acoustic version of Halo:

Celebrate like you think Beyonce would.

The Beyoncelogues.

True Beyonce fans know that her lyrics are pure poetry of the highest caliber, but sometimes it takes a reinterpretation to see just how incredibly creepy it can get.

Nina Millin is an actress who was inspired to turn Beyonce songs into spoken word performances after a botched attempt at karaoke. Her video for “Mine” makes me want a full-length, Shakespearean-esque play, starring Ms. Millin as a stalker-ish crazed ex-lover.

There are now five Beyoncelogue videos on YouTube. I highly recommend you watch all of them.

Billion dollars on an elevator.

I love everything about this. Bey saying “thot.” Bey saying “Onika.” Nicki calling out MJ’s doctor. Nicki starting to feel the flow when she speeds up and spits about “eat-the-cookie-face,” a perfect hat tip to Jay’s “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” line from “Drunk in Love.” Bey FINALLY addressing the elevator incident. Two strong talented black women declaring that they’re royalty and no one can disagree. Today is a great day.

Azealia, get over yourself.